The Chantry of Andraste

“Its gates forever shut.
Heaven has been filled with silence,
I knew then,
And cross’d my heart with shame.”

-Andraste 1:11

The Andtrastian Chantry seeks to disseminate the Chant of Light, the collected teachings of Andraste, alleged prophet and bride of the Maker. They differ from the Imperial Chantry in this regard, for the Imperial Chantry does not believe that Andraste was a divine being.

In general, Chantry belief states that long ago the enigmatic “Old Gods” led many Thedosians astray, and as a result the Maker turned His back upon all the world. Andrastians believe that once the Chant has been spread to the “four corners of the world,” including non-humans such as dwarves and elves, the Maker shall forgive His children and return the world to a perfect, harmonious state.

Though many in the Chantry are pacifistic by nature, the Chantry as a whole has a murkier history; more than once were Exalted Marches led by the Chantry and its templars to convert or eradicate “heathen” nations or peoples. Even now, the Chantry reserves the right to govern anyone who demonstrates an affinity for magic; such individuals are brought to a Circle tower where they are trained, monitored, and if necessary, executed.

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The Chantry of Andraste

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